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Project-Based Learning: Boosting 21st Century Skills in Class Open July dates in SA!

Are you looking for teaching strategies and methodologies that can boost your students’ 21st-century skills? If yes, Project-Based Learning (PBL) can equip you with some keys to make that happen in your class.

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Digital Teaching for Foreign Languages (Groups only)

Would you like to spice up your second language classes with free apps that make your students participate more? In this teacher experience, you will explore interactive presentation apps, virtual learning platforms, collaboration tools, language communities, multimedia forums, vocabulary building apps, and gamification strategies. 

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Project-Based Language Learning: Projects that make them talk! (Groups only)

Are you a teacher of second languages, ESL or EFL, and want to find a way to motivate your student to talk and interact more? Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL) is a teaching method that is reported to increase motivation levels in students while they acquire real communicative skills in the target language in your classes. You will learn step by step how to design and implement PBLL units in your classes.

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Digital Teaching for the Mind and Heart (Groups only)

Are you a teacher who facilitates classes using digital tools or would like to? Do you want to use digital tools in class effectively in your virtual or face-to-face classes?

Come and explore the best free digital tools to boost your students’ motivation, use meaningful assessment tools and promote your student’s engagement and active participation. 


Gamify your Class (Groups only)

Playing games is natural for all human beings, they engage us and help us learn while having fun. The question is how can we design our learning activities so as they produce the same level of engagement in our students?

Gamification is the most natural answer! We can use game-design elements in non-game contexts such as formal education.

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Social and Emotional Learning: Strategies for Class and Beyond Open July dates in SA!

In a world with many pressing issues, students experience high levels of anxiety, relationship challenges, and disengagement with education. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) comes to help with building positive behaviours and resilience. SEL offers effective and clear strategies to navigate challenges, improve the class atmosphere, and build a safe environment. SEL strategies can be applied face-to-face or remotely, where SEL takes even more relevance when students tend to disconnect more.

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Supporting LGBTQIA Youth at Schools (Groups only)

There is concerning evidence that LGBTQIA students at educational institutions often suffer bullying because of their gender identity and/or sexuality. Besides, research indicates that educators regularly fail to take action in the face of anti-LGBT bias and are often not equipped to address these issues. This may lead to several negative consequences for them, from bad academic performance to mental health issues. The good news is that there are things that teachers and schools can do to help LGBTQIA kids to face these issues and be true allies.

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