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1.Brief intro

The scholarships are named after the female ancient Greece philosopher, astronomer and mathematician Hypatia, in honor to her boldness, resilience and wisdom, despite the many obstacles she found in her way, because that is what we think many educators need to face global education challenges right now.


Pegasus Teacher Academy was born from a deep desire to offer better and more effective professional development for teachers. Unfortunately, not all teachers or institutions can afford professional development for all their educators and in an ongoing manner.

We want to improve this issue worldwide by offering at least 10% of the spots in all our Teacher Experiences for free.


The teachers who are awardees of these scholarships won´t pay any fees.


However, they will commit to finish at least 80% of the Teacher experience and write or record a final reflection about what they learned.

If this sounds interesting to you please take a look at the requirements and application process below.

1. Requirements

1. Be an educator in any formal education system in the world.

2. Have a clear motivation and purpose to do the applied course in particular, so that a problem can be improved in your classes or community.

2. Place and availability

The scholarships are offered for courses that take place in Seville and A Coruña, in the center of the city. Each course has a minimum quota of 10% for free spots. It is necessary to contact us to ask about the availability of free places in the course that interests you, in order to later apply for the scholarship.

3. Benefits

The scholarships fully cover the fee for the face-to-face course, which is 500 euros, that is, the scholarship holder will not have to pay anything. These courses are part of the Erasmus + KA1 mobility program, your classmates will be from various EU countries. However, you must consider that you will need to pay the travel and accommodation costs for the days you stay in Sevilla.

4. Duration and Schedule

All the courses are a total of 25 hours distributed from Monday to Friday, 5 hours a day, in a week. The schedules can be in the morning from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. or in the afternoon from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., depending on what is agreed in each course. To check out some of the courses go to our catalogue here.

5. Language

The courses are in English and it is recommended to have at least a B2.

6. Duties

Scholarship holders are required to attend a minimum of 4 days out of the 5 that the course lasts, otherwise, they will not be able to receive the certificate. In addition, they will be asked to fill in a short feedback form at the end of the course.

7. Selection Criteria

Alignment of the course topic with the need at the teacher's school or community. Judge by a motivation letter.

8. Application

To request a scholarship, you can sign up for a list of interested applicants showing your availability and we will contact you when there are free spots in different courses here.

If there is an upcoming course you want to attend to please email us asap at specifying the course and date you are interested in and we will inform you if there are free places. In the event that there are free places, we will send you a short form to evaluate your application.

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