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The best way to make sure that professional development is effective is to design it for the group's needs. If you are an institution from Primary, Secondary or Tertiary education, foundation, teaching association, or group of educators bringing at least 4 participants, you can benefit from cheaper prices and bespoke solutions. 

Take a look at our catalogue of face-to-face courses here, and remember these courses can be customized to be done in virtual and hybrid form too and with different content to meet your needs. Dr. Carolina is open to travel around the world to facilitate courses and educational coaching at your school wherever you are, or to do it virtually.

Education Consultancy

We can create a personalized learning experience for your teachers, on any of the topics related to the courses offered in our catalogue, and we can adapt to the dates and teaching mode you need. Ask for a quote for your bespoke solution here.

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Types of  Customized Teacher Programmes

Languages Available



How Education Consultancy Works


  • The coach performs a needs analysis of the teachers involved, institution and wider community to better understand the strengths, challenges and proposals for change.

  • This is done using interviews, questionnaires and visits depending on the case.


  • The information collected in the former phase is analyzed and conclusions on an action plan are drawn.

  • A proposal is discussed with the management team and any other stakeholders involved.

  • After approval a plan of action is designed.


  • The teaching programme is implemented.

  • Normally this would involve:

-Face-to-face, virtual synchronous or asynchronous training sessions with an expert coach.

-Creation of a community of practice among teachers

-Fostering peer-coaching and mentoring among teachers

-Creating a data base of curated resources

-Fostering a climate of common support and sharing among teachers

-Individual or group coaching


  • The progress of teachers is monitored throughout the programme.

  • Feedback is given to management and participants during the programme and changes are made if necessary.

  • After the programme is finished there can be several follow ups to track progress and provide extra motivation to teachers.

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Discounted Prices for Groups 

Prices will vary greatly depending on the course you get. Please contact us and ask for a Free consultation, by email or videoconference.

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