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Learning Design


We have created our own professional development methodology for teachers, the Transcend Method for Teacher Training, based on research evidence of what has a longer and deeper impact on your teaching practice. The practical realization of this method in the design of our learning experiences is The 6-Steps teaching Practice Mastering Cycle, created to achieve a successful implementation of new teaching practices in mind.


The experience is done whenever you want, asynchronously, during the assigned dates using a virtual platform. Expect lots of interaction with peers, bite-sized tasks aimed at tackling your class problems, and necessary reflections on your learning outcomes.


We support you to implement the changes you decide in your classes with coaching by an experienced educator and peers. The learning experience will be structured as follows:

1. Ignite: Complex questions that aim to solve your complex problems and areas of improvement.

2. Explore: Individual research, being exposed to different resources.

3. Create: Apply what you have learned to create classroom assignments, materials, and whole units.

4. Share: Your creations will be shared with peers and reviewed in a safe environment.

5. Reflect: Reflect on your learning journey to go deeper and further into improving your practice.

6. Implement: After the whole journey test what you have created in your classes.

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