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"Think, Make, Feel" is what drives our methodology.


Our Pegasus Teacher´s Academy Transcend Method for Teacher Training is built around what research tells us is effective and based on the analysis of the feedback from hundreds of teacher participants over the years. Teachers learn best when they get to inquiry, investigate, reflect, perform small tasks that are doable and bite-sized, create learning artifacts that they can use for their classes (such as learning activities and lesson units) and feel positive, safe and supported in their learning experience.

When designing learning experiences for teachers we have applied this methodology on a learning design that is effective to achieve the goal of teachers making improvements in their practice, the The 6-Steps teaching Practice Mastering Cycle.




Teachers need to reflect on their own practice and receive feedback from peers and a coach or mentor. This enables them to learn more deeply and make sense of what they are doing and envision doing in class. Research shows that when teachers engage in meaningful self-reflection and community reflection and feedback practices they are more likely to be able to successfully make improvements and also gain awareness of the process and steps to follow to continue learning. Taking exploration as an engaging and enlightening path is also a must to spark curiosity and critical thinking in teacher training. The individual or collaborative investigation leads to better understanding, longer retention, and the selection of the information and skills that they identify as most useful for them.


Teaching is a wonderful trade where teachers need to be constantly hands-on to learn the know-how to apply in class. Teachers learn better by being active, just like their students. "Make" refers to the applied practice that is central for teachers to be able to translate theory into good practices. Teachers are faced with bite-sized tasks and challenges, that can focus skills' acquisition in a more scaffolded way, building them step by step, to finally culminate in a final project where they can apply all that they have learned.


Emotions are at the core of human learning. There is strong evidence that shows that in professional development for teachers where there is a safe environment and a climate of support, teachers can thrive more. Additionally, teachers get to learn Social and Emotional Learning strategies that they can use in their class and life, helping them manage their emotions better in such an infamously stressful job.

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