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Empowering Unemployed Women Through Gamification

In the heart of rural communities in the south of Spain, a group of unemployed women faced a daunting challenge: acquiring digital skills amidst self-doubt and emotional barriers. As their guide, I knew traditional methods wouldn't suffice. Their schedule was very intensive, 09:00 to 14:00h, for 8 days at a time for each module and they all had people who depended on them, children and relatives, as sadly happens with many women around the world, not getting support themselves to grow and get educated. It was a challenge to keep them on track while life priorities would clash constantly. So, I turned to gamification, weaving fun and learning into these courses.

Empowered women with gamification and digital skills
Unemployed women come together to learn through games

In all the courses there was a large volume of content, that would be tested in a final exam, and it was usually totally new for the women. Hence I decided to review several times in every course using Kahoot quizzes, but it wasn't just about competition; it was about collaboration. Review games brought participants together, fostering teamwork and camaraderie as they tackled challenges head-on.

Yet, gamification went beyond mere entertainment. It was about practicality. Mini task-based competitions transformed learning into action, equipping women with skills they could apply in the real world.

From classic class games like "Slap the Board" to interactive charades and taboo, every activity was a chance to learn and grow. This was also possible thanks to applying daily Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) techniques to build community. SEL strategies created a supportive environment where every woman felt valued and empowered.

And the outcomes? Inspiring. With newfound skills, participants created digital masterpieces: websites, modern CVs on Canva, cover letters, digital photos, graphic calendars, logotypes, and much more. Each product was a testament to their journey from doubt to confidence, from uncertainty to empowerment. Have a look at the compilation of their blogs here:

In the end, gamified learning wasn't just about acquiring skills; it was about levelling up in life. Through games and camaraderie, unemployed women found the courage to embrace the digital world and write their own success stories.


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